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How to Get a White Castle Day Payday Loan: a Complete Guide

Castle Payday loans are one of the possible solutions to an unexpected financial problem. If you need to get some cash as soon as possible, you might consider turning to this lender. With the help of Castle Payday (also known as Big Picture Loans), you can get a short-term loan for any purposes. On this page, you can find all the information you need to take a Castle Day payday loan. We have checked the estimated funding time, interest rates, repayment periods, and other terms and conditions. We are going to explain to you all the pros and cons of Castlepayday loans. Let us start!

What Is White Castle Payday Loan?

Just like any other independent lender, Castle Payday offers short-term credits with increased interest rates. Usually, payday loans are returned within a month (after the borrower gets a paycheck, just as the name suggests). There are many companies similar to Castle Payday that offer similar financial products. In contrast to traditional credits issued by banks, small payday loans are usually given out without a hard credit check. Of course, reliable lenders will check the creditworthiness of a borrower, but they will not mind if the person has a below-average credit history. It makes Castle Loans solution perfect for those people whose creditworthiness leaves much to be desired. Castle payday loans are secured with your paycheck: no other collateral required. It allows the lender to keep your paycheck in case if you fail to repay the borrowed amount in due time. Unfortunately, these loans have very high interest rates in comparison to traditional solutions offered in banks. No wonder why many people consider them predatory! However, in some cases, quick White Castle loans are the only option. Alongside with individuals, small companies and startups that cannot get their credit application approved in a big financial institution use short-term loans. This type of loans has limited amounts that are way smaller than traditional credits. In the case of Castle Loan payday options, the sum range from $200 up to $1500.

How does Castle Payday Loan work?

To be eligible for Castle Payday loans, you must have a credit score of at least 300. Such a score is considered bad, so big banks will never approve you any loans. However, you can easily borrow some money from Castle Payday. In order to get it, you must:

  • Be at least years old;
  • Be a citizen or a permanent resident of the US;
  • Provide a valid ID;
  • Provide proof of a stable income source.

Do note that your annual income must be at least $8,400. Otherwise, you will not be eligible for payday loans at Castle Day. At the same time, this lender will consider any clients who can prove their ability to repay their obligations. In other words, even employed people can get a white castle payday loan. In Castle Day, your loan might be approved on the same day you send a request. This is really fast! If you get lucky and the amount is below 500 dollars, you can get cash in only one hour (but the exact funding time depends on the amount and might take up to three days)! Giving that, clients of Castle Day can receive money a way quicker than clients of traditional financial institutions. As soon as your application gets approved, you will get funds within the course of three days.

What are the benefits of Castle Payday Loan?

Despite high interest rates, Castle Payday loans have many benefits over traditional credits issued by big banks, such as:

  • Castle Payday will only conduct a soft check on you. They will not run your score with credit reporting agencies, which means that your credit history will not get worse;
  • You can easily get a small payday loan even if your credit score is bad;
  • Castle Payday offers flexible repayment periods depending on the amount you need;
  • Small payday loans are issued other the course of three days or even faster.

How Much Can I Borrow with Castle Payday and How Quick will I get my Money?

Loan amounts at Castle Payday start at $200 and go up to $1,500. Obviously, the lesser the amount, the more chances that your application will be approved. As for approval speed and funding period, most of the payday loans are reviewed in less than one hour. If your Castle Loan Payday request gets approved, you will receive cash within three business days (loans below 500 dollars might be funded even faster).

Is it safe to use Castle Payday Loan?

It is safe. This company has a secured website protected with the latest SSL-protocol. If you want to learn more about safety measures of Castle Payday, visit the Terms of Use page on the official website of the lender. It claims that the sensitive data of every borrower is kept safe and never shared with third parties. It means that when you enter your Castle payday loan login, all the information you enter will not be compromised by anyone. Despite all the above, we recommend you to read Castle Payday loans reviews before taking a payday loan in this company. Many people on the internet claim that this lender has an extremely bad customer service and overly high interest rates. Therefore, taking new Castle payday loans might be dangerous if you fail to repay the debt in due time.

What does the Internet say about Castle Payday Loan?

Unfortunately, the vast majority of user reviews about Castle Payday loans are negative. This lender is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (a famous American nonprofit organization) and has an “F” rating. It has over a hundred negative reviews from customer and more than 200 complaints. According to some comments, “the customer service is terrible” and “interest rates are extremely high”. Castle Payday fairs far better on Trustpilot. There are almost 5,000 customer reviews, and the company has a good rating above 9 out of 10. Similarly to Castle Payday reviews at BBB, people do not like below-average customer service and overly high interest rates. Nevertheless, there are enough positive reviews. Many borrowers liked extremely quick funding time and soft requirements. To conclude this paragraph, we want to remind you to carefully research Castle Payday loans terms before signing the contract. This lender has mostly negative reviews, but it is still a workable solution for people with bad credit scores who urgently need money.

How do I get started?

If you want to apply for a payday loan using this lender despite all the negative Castle Payday loan reviews, you will have to provide the following personal information:

  • Real name, valid contact information, SSN, and date of birth;
  • Valid state ID number or driver’s license;
  • Proof of income (pay schedule);
  • Employer’s valid contact information.

That is it! Your request will be reviewed by Castle Day within an hour. If it gets approved, you will get your money within three business days.


FAQ about Castle Day Payday Loans


What are the Castle Day fees and interest rates?

On average, the annualized percentage rate of Castle Day loans is 780%, which is above average.

How much can you borrow from Castle Day Loans?

Loan amounts at Castle Day range from 200 dollars up to 1,500 dollars. Repayment periods vary depending on the amount.

What do you need to qualify for Castle Day Loans?

You must be an 18 years old (or older) citizen or a permanent resident of the US with a valid ID and a stable provable income source. Moreover, you must earn at least 700 dollars per month in order to be eligible.

Is it possible to cancel a Castle Day loan application?

Sure! On the same day you sent the request, call the Castle Payday loans phone number before 5 p.m CT in order to dismiss it.

Will Castle Day run a hard credit check on me?

No, this lender will not run your credit with the national credit reporting agencies. Nevertheless, the lender will conduct a soft check on you to make sure you will be able to repay the money.

What is the average funding time for a payday loan via Castle Day Loans?

Usually, Castle Day provides loan approval decision within one hour. After your request is approved, you will get the money within three business days.



Conclusion on Castle Day Payday Loans


Castle Day is an independent loan company, which offers payday loans with flexible repayment periods. The application process is fast and easy: nearly any person should be able to borrow some money here. In most cases, funds are issued within three business days or even faster, which is pretty quick. You can get up to 1,500 dollars with payments due over 6 to 22 months. Unfortunately, interest rates of Castle Payday loans are very high. They range from 780% up to nearly 789%. In the end, you will have to return much more money than the amount you borrowed. Remember about this and the high number of negative user reviews when deciding whether you should use this lender.

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